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Acegoo Rechargeable Head Light

  • 1499

Powerful 500 lumen, 5 watt 2nd generation Cree X Lamp LED with new custom TIR optics for cycling, plus side illumination ports for added visibility Steady Pulse mode alerts motorists with pulses while lighting the path at night, DayLightning mode :lightning-like flashes demand attention in the day 6 light modes: Medium > High > Low > Steady Pulse > DayLightning > Walking; Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge Compact (110 g), water resistant and USB rechargeable with internal Li-Ion battery that saves cost of replacement batteries Includes headlight, USB charging cable and Lock-tite handlebar mount

Upgraded for 2014, the Metro 500 features 6 modes, new custom TIR optics and increased output that lights up the demanding roads with its powerful 500 lumen 5 watt LED. Recharge conveniently through a USB port to save you the cost of replacing batteries ride after ride. New 24/7 Safety Technology features night and day specific modes for added safety: 2-in-1, Steady Pulse illumination alerts motorists with flashes while constantly lighting your path at night while new DayLightning mode boosts 600 lumens of lightning like flashes to demand motorist's attention in broad daylight. Compact, rechargeable and super bright, the Metro 500 is the commuters' choice of light.

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