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How to Ride a Penny Board (For Beginners)



How to Ride a Penny Board


So, you got you first penny board? That’s good! Now you will be able to enjoy amazing rides. But before that you need to learn how to handle it. Don’t worry! Read the article below and soon you will be able to master your skills as penny board rider. Yeah! You can impress your friends with your amazing style.

How to Ride a Penny Board?

There are three major aspects on which you have to work for becoming a good penny board rider. The very first is following right foot position, secondly you have to maintain balance and third most important to task is to learn how to stop it. So let us discuss all of them one by one:

Concentrate on your foot position:

As these footboards use to be small in size so most of you will find it difficult to put your both feet on its surface. Those who have experienced ride on skateboard earlier can easily skip the ahead but if you are just beginning with the penny board then simply place left (right) foot on front portion and the right (left) on back portion of your board. Most of the penny boards use to have maximum dimension of 22” to 27” only so you need to determine your foot position very carefully. While pushing the board ahead, prefer to place your left foot between front two bolts and use your back foot for pushing or breaking.

Balancing the Movement:

The key to ride a penny board is balancing. Yeah! It demands practice but if you follow right technique from the first day then this task will become quite easier. In order to balance, you need to bend your front knee more so that it can add proper weight on board. Align your front leg in angled form to create an L shape as it helps to balance your body on the board. In order to turn your board to any specific direction, you simply need to shift your weight to that end of the board as it will help to follow the sharp turns. During your initial rides, always prefer to take turns at slower speed.

How to Stop?

Once you are into motion then it is important to learn the right way to stop your ride. There are two techniques to stop the penny board. First one is foot braking and second is jumping off. No doubt, foot braking is best and safest technique to slow down your board. When your board is moving, simply get your one foot off and slowly drag its sole on pavement. Ensure that your shoe is moving against the ground with strength and you can stop the ride without falling on ground.

As penny boards use to be extremely durable products so people also try to stop them by simply jumping off. That means the rider will jump off while letting the board move on its natural pace. But always ensure that you jump at slower speed otherwise you may hurt yourself.