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Rip Flares

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    • THE #1 PENNY BOARD & LONGBOARD UNDERGLOW LIGHTS- The most popular lighting kit for those Penny Board and Longboard riders that want to stand out. Super bright LEDs harness, lithium power to illuminate the ground and light up the night with your choice of 4 colors. Or you can mix and match to create your own style.
    • AMAZING VALUE- Save up to 50% when you buy now. Get 1 FREE (2-Pack Booster Set) with any purchase, just add your free set to your cart and receive the discount at check out. But we didn't stop there, each light comes with batteries pre-installed to save you even more 
    • QUICK & EASY INSTALL - 30-second installation time means you're spending less time reading instructions and more time lighting up the street. The custom attachment means that our lights are the ONLY ones on the market that allow you to remove the lights with the flick of a wrist. So instead of having lights permanently stuck to your board, you can easily remove them to change the batteries, store the lights, or switch your style anyway you want.
    • SAFE, STYLISH & DURABLE - Not only do Pro Glow Rip Flares make you the most stylish person on the street, they also make you more visible. Seeing and being seen is the key to staying safe at night. And finally you have a light to see the ground you're riding on to help avoid rocks and cracks. You also become more visible to cars, bikers and people walking. Oh yea.... They're waterproof too.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY- All Pro Glow products come with a Lifetime warranty so you can exchange the lights throughout the life of product. You can even get a FULL REFUND withing 30-days of purchase, no explination necessary. So there's no excuse not to TRY Pro Glow Rip Flares today. Buy 1 and get a 2-Pack Booster Set free

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