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Pro Glow Sports About Us Blog

Pro Glow Sports is a company born from the ashes of broken idea turned Innovative. We plan on transforming the way the world views sports by Discovering and Designing the Best in LED Sporting Gear... Join us for the ride... (More)

Pro Glow Sports Cornhole Blog

The game of Cornhole has been around for hundreds of years unchanged and unaltered... Until Now. We are shaking up this age old pass-time and doing things never before done. See what we have in store next... (More)

Pro Glow Sports Science Blog

We don't just design things that look great. We use proven scientific techniques and concepts to maximize the way our lights interact with the world. Take a look at the science of what goes into Pro Glow Sports... (More)

Pro Glow Sports News Blog

We not only focus on the things right in front of us. We keep our eye on other innovations in sports all over the world. There are just a few we found... (More)

Nothing comes without hard work. This is the first major step in the journey to the birth of Pro Glow Sports. Follow our journey across the country in the mission to build a business... (More)