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Ultra-Reflective Vest Pink

  • 1999

  • GREAT VISIBILITY- Wearing our unbeatable reflective strips means that everybody can notice you from a distance of up to 1000 feet. Great for every activity done under low light conditions like cycling and running at night. All that without the need of batteries!
  • EXTRA COMFORTABLE- Designed to be a comfortable accessory that will always satisfy you, it features fully adjustable straps. It can be worn and adjusted in seconds for a premium snug or loose fit, depending on your desire and activity!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE- Thanks to its extra durable weave you can be sure that nothing can destroy your vest. This product is guaranteed to work wonders, even for people with extremely active lifestyles and harsh working environments. Perfect for professional athletes, bikers and construction workers!
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE- This is a one size apparel that fits most body types and shapes. Will fit perfectly in waist sizes between 26-38 inches and on Shoulder to Waist sizes between 15-23 inches.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS- Choose one of the 5 awesome colors that we provide and walk the streets with confidence. Make yours the reflective gear that matches best your character and style without limiting your safety! Suitable for both men and women!

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