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CycleLights Support

CycleLights Install Video

The same techniques shown in the video are used to install half wheel CycleLights and CycleLights Spectrum.


Commonly asked questions:


Do CycleLights come in different sizes?

CycleLights are designed for the largest standard bicycle rim size of 700C/29 inches in diameter, and are adjustable to fit smaller rims.


How are they powered?

CycleLights are powered by a battery pack located at the axle of the wheel.  The batteries pack includes 3xAA batteries that stay lit for 48 hours, or 48 one hour nighttime bike rides.


How do they attach to the wheel?

The battery pack is attached to the axle of the wheel, the lights line the rim. The lights are contained within a special tube that protects them from the elements and helps disperse the light.  When installed, the tube weaves and clings between the the alternating spokes. The CycleLights are secured by provided zip-ties, this method requires no tape or adhesive. For more install information please view the install video here.


Do the lights interfere with any gears, brakes, or changing a flat tire?

No. The lights are completely contained to the rim. You can completely detach the tire and the wheel from the bike without any interference, and the lights will remain completely functional.


Which color is the most visible?

The ranking of CycleLights from brightest to dimmest is White, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow



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