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Jami's Bio

The first celebrity guest reviewer is a new face to YouTube but a long time runner. He specializes in casual cool running reviews of running shoes as well as the occasional random blog showcasing his quirky life out in Austin Texas. After getting to know him, we knew we had to have him on our team.  

Jamison Michael aka "Jami" shared a little bit about how he got into running. "I always enjoyed football, but...during my first play of my first game I had picked up the ball during the kickoff... About 10 minutes later I woke up on the sideline. Apparently I got knocked out so hard I got a concussion. It was at this moment I decided... to retire from contact sports and become a runner." But he's not just an average runner.  

Some people say they have the chops to keep up, but this guy literally broke records everywhere he went... "So after that, I ran on my high school team, went to state, broke some school records, obtained some more school records (during College); Graduated, and got into coaching middle school, high school athletes...then at the collegiate level for a couple of years. Now I just do some private coaching around my area."

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Now that he's "retired" he still stays in shape by running various greenbelt trails throughout the city, the occasional track workout and even around LadyBird Lake in downtown Austin. "I don’t run too many events..but I am always at running events to embrace the atmosphere of competition!" So while you're surfing the net, take a look at Jami's YouTube Channel. And next time you're out in Austin for a run, keep an eye out, because you may just see Jami there hot on your heals...

Check out Jami's YouTube and join his journey...