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Rico Lighting LED Vest Demo



RICO Lighting LED Vest

As soon as you open up the box, you see tips on the box and they can be a little complicated to read through. The product itself is an unassuming product, but as soon as you pick it up you notice just how high-quality the belt is. It has a reflector on it, which adds to your visibility and the buckle is thick and solid. The material is very stretchy as well, showing that the construction of this product is very high quality. The vest does not seem overly complicated to use and is also small and lightweight.

There are different light settings that you can use for this LED vest, with each side having its own control. You can opt to have only one side on when it’s a little bit brighter out, but you still need a little light or you can use both lights for maximum visibility. The fact that you can adjust these lights based on your individual needs is a huge plus. The plastic part that is used to hold the lights in place and switch them on and off does seem like a toy, with questionable quality plastic. But it does seem to reflect the colors, helping you to better stand out while you are out in the dark.

Whether you are walking your dog at night or going for a little exercise at night, this is going to be a pretty nice vest for you to use. It’s bright and decent quality. You can use this for a variety of activities, including walking, biking, or running when visibility may not be great. It is a good investment and you get different options on how to use it in order to maximize your visibility. This is an excellent safety option to have for your needs.