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Glow City Light Up Bean Bags

Glow City Light Up Bean Bags

  • 5999

These light up bean bags have got to be the coolest things ever! You will be amazed at how bright they are! The pictures that you see of the bags have not been altered or enhanced, that is really how they look. We use multiple Impact Activated LED lights inside of the bags that illuminate the entire bean bag when it senses an impact.
The lights will remain on for about 30 seconds and automatically shut off until hit again. Every time the bag senses an impact it resets the timer, so if you are continuously playing they will remain on. This is a great feature because it saves a lot of battery life and just looks so cool when you throw the bags & watch them instantly light up when they land!
    • Battery Powered
    • Impact Activated
    • Stays on if Continuously in Play
    • Auto shut off after 30 seconds of no play to save battery life.
    • Uses 2 Hi-Bright LED Lights
    • Feels like a Bean Bag
    • Durable Bag Material
    • Easily Replace Batteries
    • Very Bright & Extremely Cool

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