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LED Saber

  • 5995

48 inches of flexible fiberglass wrapped with super bright LEDs. They are protected by a transparent waterproof wrap that allows for higher visibility at night and admiring spectators... 


All Saber Designs:

  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Fits Standard brand flag holder/mounts (1/4")
  • Comes with easy-change battery pack (4K Torch)
  • Approximately 40 hrs of battery life, 4xAA batteries not included
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with our Rechargeable battery pack (10K Torch)
  • If you have a Greenspeed or Catrike, please also pick up our conversion attachment below so the pole will fit your mount (Catrike Conversion)

     {Brand New}

    Rocket Saber is the next level LED Saber that everyone's been waiting for. With an easy to use touch controller built in, you can change your lights to fit your style. Flash, Solid, Bright, Disco... There are over 40 options to choose from.

  • 9 Different Color Options
  • 8 Brightness Settings
  • 23 Different Flash Modes


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