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Wholesale Disc Golf UV Black Lights

  • 3500

 This is B-51 the most reliable and trusted black light for disc golf players. 

  • 3 AA Standard Alkiline Battery(Not Included)
  • 51 UV LED allow to cover a larger area. Perfect for lighting up your entire disc


 The B-9 is a more compact black light, small enough to fit in your pocket and take with you on the go. This is also bundled with one of our KeyChain black lights to keep as a backup or as a zipper pull.

  • 3 AAA Standard Alkiline Battery(Not Included)
  • 9 UV LED allow easy carrying.
  • The Keychain light is great for anytime.


 The B-1 is a set of 3 Keychain black lights. Not everyone needs a giant light, so this is the perfect solution for smaller uses like out Glowing Astro Decs, or Glow Tape.

  • 1 CR2032 Alkiline Battery(Included Installed)
  • 1 UV LED allow easy carrying and storage in pockets
  • Keychain for attaching to keys, zippers or lanyards

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