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Tailgating Challenge Tips and Gear

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Tailgating Tips and Gear

The guys at Tailgating Challenge are some of the best in the business at knowing about the best tailgate gear. We talked to Luke, the creator of Tailgating Challenge, about why he created the group and he explained how it connected 2 things he enjoyed. “I started Tailgating Challenge in 2012 as I wanted to combine my passion of tailgating with the business knowledge I had gained from multiple business degrees.”


After years of checking out some pretty cool gear, from grills to claws and chairs to coolers, he’s seen just about anything you can imagine. We love anything that lights up, so the light up coozies (Cooler2See), in cooler LEDs (Cooler Bobs) and of course our Cornhole Edge Lights, the only edge lit accessory in the world for cornhole boards, are just a few of our favorites. But we’re a little biased, so here’s the top 5 list from the man himself at Tailgate Challenge.

-Kool Max Stereo Cooler. 350 stereo cooler that has a built in PA system to let everyone at the tailgate know whats on your mind.

-Patina College Fire Pit. I love fire pits and having a team logo cut in one really amps up the atmosphere.

-Blowfish Anti Hangover patches. This stuff is the truth.

-Cruzin Motorized Cooler. A cooler that moves at 13mph and can pop a wheelie. heck yes!

-Traveling breeze cooling chair. yes a chair that has built in AC!


Everyone has their own idea of the perfect tailgate. It could be in the back yard with a few close friends, in the parking lot with random strangers, or out yelling across the field at opposing fans. Either way, tailgating is about having fun and enjoying he night. Most tailgates are for football games so things can get a little intense. But Luke tells us about one of his favorite tailgating experiences. “I enjoy any style of tailgating as long as there are friends, food and sports! My favorite tailgating memory was in 2010 when Number 1 Alabama played South Carolina in Columbia. Being a Gamecock Alumni and defeating the number one team in the nation made for an epic tailgating event after the game!”


Now that you have some idea of how to equip your tailgate, go out and have some fun with the best gear around.

For all of the cool gear you heard about plus more, check out the Tailgating Challenge Facebook Page.

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