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Fear Lurks in the Shadows

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       Fear Lurks in the Shadows

From the time we’re young, we’ve been afraid of the dark. The scary creatures, creepy crawlers and boogie men all lurked in the depths of the shadows only to be frayed by the light of day. Those feelings we had when we were young, the feeling of uncertainty, the feeling of insecurity, the feeling of fear consumed our lives. The light had to be on to fall asleep. The light had to be on to walk down the hall at night. The light had to be on to look out the front door...

Even though most have outgrown the fear of darkness, it still lingers in the back of our minds. You may not notice it, but do you ride your bike at night without lights? Do you jog at dusk constantly wondering if cars will see you? Do you walk your dog hoping he doesn’t run off into the darkness? Those feelings we had as kids, of uncertainty, of insecurity and of fear, all still exist. But just like then, the solution is still the same……LIGHT...

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