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4 Ways Your Brain Can Be Fooled with Light and Sound

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Your brain is hard wired to see motion. So much that even finds motion in things that aren't moving. But there are things that can trick you into seeing something that's not actually happening. See if you can figure out these brain teasers...


Motion is a big part of our lives. And the way we perceive it is one of our most important skills as humans. Without the perception of motion, we wouldn't have been able to hunt our food, travel across land or play games like dodge ball. We also wouldn't have been able to flee predators, dodge swords or avoid wondering into traffic. You may think not wondering into traffic is pretty easy but stopping traffic from running into you is a little hard. 

That's why we design our lights to have as many visual cues as possible to let others know, where you are, what direction you're moving, and how fast you're moving. The combination of 2D and 3D cues make it easier for people to see the object they're looking out for. 

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