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Day 3-Friday (Houston)

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We arrive in Houston around 4am and go directly to the family’s house. After showring, we get settled then take advantage of the heaven-like bed. After a short nap we wake up  and head out to the first shop.  We see an excited business owner and a classic pup in the shop. For the rest of the day we travel and visit shops.  When we arrive at BICI we see 2 young guys running the shop, one named Frankie. They love the idea and they invite us to a local even. We left and visited more shops, some which included puppies, but they ALL liked the lights.  After it was all over we head to a Walmart to pick up more food and drop off the car and ride to the event.


As we ride down the streets of Houston we see the city landscape become bigger and bigger. Once we arrive at the event we park our bikes and go inside. The store is loaded with vintage pictures and old school skater apparel. We meet up with Frankie and he tells us of another event, a Kanye West video premiere in the park. So after about 30 minutes Lavell gets his hair cut from the free barber  and we ride towards the next event downtown. As we arrive at the event we  see hundreds of kids in the park along with police cars. We assumed the police were there as security but it turns out that the poice were there to break up the event. So we hung out as everyone left, then headed downtown to a Thriller at Miller, a Motown concert  at Mill outdoor theatre. As we arrive we hear the music and us It to guide us to this 80ft hill that everyone is sitting on. As we come to the top we see the stage of performers. We park our bikes and enjoy the old school sound of the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Boyz 2 Men and more....  

As the concert ends we head to the patio and see American Idol Vincent Powell signing autographs.  Get his autograph and he tells us his dad is in Phoenix and he would love to do an event with us. After talking with Vincent we decide to leave and head back to the house. As we ride through the city we spot a big group of people on a side walk facing a large wall.  We as other headed to the mass and they tell us it’s ANOTHER of the Kanye West video premiere event locations. We stick around to see if they show the video and people start to fight so we decide to leave.

We make it back to the house around 3am and crash for the night…


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