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Day 33-Sunday (Indianapolis-Chicago- Minnesota) 6/23/13

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We wake up in the Walmart parking lot and clean out the car before we drive to Chicago. 4 hours later around 1pm we arrive in Chicago and stop at mom’s place. We get a chance to rest our feet,  eat a few hotdogs and shower. We talk about the old days and the history of how I was when I was little. Mom talks for a little longer and we head over to grandmas for about an hour. She welcomes us in and sits us on her plastic covered couches and talks with us about the business. We move to the kitchen for sweet tea and revisit pictures from  20 years ago of me playing soccer and my sister as a baby. An hour passes and we say good bye to grandma then head to Minneapolis. Traffic slows us down for about an hour then opens up so we can take on the open road. 6 and a half hours of driving straight we arrive in Bloomington/Minneapolis Minnesota and find a Walmart near the QBP headquarters to sleep for the night. Around 1 am after buying dinner/breakfast in the Walmart, we get settled in for the night..

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