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Day 31-Friday (Cincinnati-Indianapolis) 6/21/13

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 We drive in to Indianapolis and start out strong by visiting the first shop on the highway before we even arrive in the city. Indy Bicycle Garage is one of Indianapolis’ largest bike retailers and we find out early by visiting a shop and hearing that there’s an even larger shop is stunning.  Since the purchaser isn’t at that location we leave some information and head to the next shop. We travel through downtown and visit one right in the heart of town. After an entire day of driving around vising shops we find out there’s a night right the next day so we decide to stay and make it to the ride. We look up something to do and find a MeetUp event for volleyball so we pack up and head out.

We arrive to see sand volleyball courts outside of a bar. We gear up and head inside. After sitting around we’re invited to play and end up playing for the next 3 hours. Around 1am everyone starts to pack up and we head out to a location near one of the shops we wanted to revisit in the morning to camp out for the night…

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