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Day 25-Saturday (Davidson, NC) 6/15/13

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We hoped to sleep in on the weekend, but with it being father’s day, there was a special brunch planned for the fathers in the family that were still in town. So we wake up around 8 am and hurry over to the grandparents’ place for brunch. As we arrive we find a buffet of food laid out on the counter. 7 casseroles, a fruit display, sausage biscuits and coffee all fill the room with a smell of happy father’s day cheer.

Food is served and we all sit around listening to stories of the younger years. Stories of mischief and fights bring back memories that shine a light of how thing used to be. After brunch us and the other brothers and sisters head to mom’s house. We arrive and talk more about the family’s mini-reunion as well as dad. We decide to go see grandma and all pack into the van and head out. 

When we walk in she shouts in excitement as the grandkids she hasn’t seen in years have all grown up. She breaks out the food and lays it on the table for everyone to eat. It starts with a cheese and cracker tray…. Then add on a loaf of bread with really good European butter… Then comes the roasted chicken…  Fried chicken walks in the door… then finally dessert. Icecream with oreos.

We sit there stuffed and listen to grandma’s theory on life. From astrology to politics, she gives us the scoop on her opinion on everything.  After dinner we head back to the grandparents’ place and retire for the night…


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