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Day 28-Tuesday (Cincinnati,OH) 6/18/13

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Once again, we wake up later than we wanted but sleeping on a real bed was so refreshing that we were glued to our pillows. Finally we wake up around noon an make a few bowls of cereal for lunch before we head out to. With limited time, we hurry from shop to shop most with some success. We finally visit the last shop for the day and as soon as we walk in the owner and his wife love the lights. They order a set then buy a few for the shop. The next customer that walks in noticed the bike with the lights and is immediately drawn to the new stock of CycleLights.  He’s tempted but doesn’t have the money so he heads home vowing to return for the lights. We hang out a little more, and talk about how the wife was from Phoenix and rode with a local bike group and the old days back when the owner rode bikes. He tells us about his horror stories one of which include an indo, handle bars, a scrotum, and a nurse with a hose. After standing from shock and awe for 10 minutes we take a picture together and finally part ways and head home for the day. That night was make it back in time to catch game 6 of the NBA Finals. As predicted by the guru of basketball Lavell, the heat came back to send it to overtime and the Heat end up winning in the last seconds of an exciting game.

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