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Day 8-Wednesday (Orlando)

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We wake from our slumber in the truck stop parking lot, stretch, grab a few snacks and hit the road. We arrive in Orlando through the rain and follow the signs to Universal studios. After not visiting since I was 6, it was nice to go back and see things. But driving around was a little confusing but we realized we weren’t going to be able to get on the lot so we decide to go find a Starbucks to re-group and strategize. 15 minutes after we settle into Starbucks I look out the window and see a downpour of rain. I remember I left my windows down so I hustle outside, slip on the pavement in the process and rush to roll up the windows. Afterwards I head back inside, dry off and continue to work. 


After about 2 hours and a quick nap we head up to our first shop.

The first bike shop had 2 locations on the map that were really close to each other so we look for the first which doesn’t exist so we find the second which is right around the corner. We go in and see a very nice, spacious shop with road bikes, bmx, cruisers, and kids bikes. A woman at the front and a young guy in the back doing maintenance were all the shop needed. We talk to the woman who’s really interested and discuss not only the lights but a little about the shop. They tell us they’ll be ordering soon and we head out.


The other shops pretty much went the same way, and after only 5 hours we decide to head to Cocoa beach. After the 1 hour drive we arrive at the beach only to find that all of the shops are closed. So instead of making the worst of our situation, we decide to go to the beach and take pictures. We call another relative in our next destination and head towards Ft.Lauderdale. As we drive in, the rain on the road is almost blinding. As we pull in to the street we have a group of guys yelling at us, then one walks up to the car and asks us where we’re headed. We think we may be robbed but he lets us know we’re not in the right place so we leave but we arrive safely at grandma’s house. We’re welcomed with a big smile and a hug and a stove full of food. We eat the rice, green beans and smothered chicken and crash for the night.


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