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Day 21-Tuesday (Boston, MA) 6/11/13

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We planned on getting an early start on the day so we rise and shine around 9:30 and get ready to go. By the time we’re ready to go it’s around 11 and we head to our first shop. Because we have a ride to get to at 7 (Boston Bike Party), we have to hurry on our rounds. We work our way from west to east and around 2pm make our way through the Boston University campus then see the world famous Fenway Park baseball field appear out of nowhere.  As we continue to drive we find a place to park near the group ride we were going to. But by that time it had begun to rain so after parking in front of the local CVS we go inside and buy ponchos for the ride. With everything ready, we load up in our rain gear and ride down the street.

No more than 4 minutes into the ride to the ride, our shoes are already wet, our pants are soaked and the rain is blowing into our eyes making it hard to see. Finally after what seemed like 30 minutes (more like 7) of riding, we find the Boston Bike Party group huddled under a building overhang trying to stay dry before the ride. We were hoping to try and stay dry but the driving rain continued to dampen our clothes as we stood waiting for the ride to start. When the ride finally leaves we all let out a cheer in excitement for the ride… and for warming up.

We ride through the streets back the direction we came and coast leisurely around the harbor. We turn and climb a bridge then bank to head down the coast. Along the way we come across a puddle. But this “puddle” is about the size of a semi-truck. It’s 8ft wide, 2ft long and 6 inches deep. With a fixed gear the peddles keep spinning to as I enter this ominous puddle my foot becomes completely covered from tire splash and I lift my legs in the air like a pregnant lady giving birth to avoid any more soaked-ness.  After the puddle we ride through historic Charlestown and along the bay. We stop under a bridge and take a break. People dismount their bikes and crank up the music. Beers are passed around and people start dancing. I walk around looking for the people in charge and find, John who then brings over Greg, then Elody. We talk for a while about how Elody came from the DC Bike Party and started it in Boston. But before we know it, its time to head out.

We ride back towards downtown Boston and end at a statue where a nice thank you speech is given and people part ways. We stick around to install lights on bikes for Tiffany, Camilo and others then head to the bar where everyone is meeting. We slump into the bar and order a Sam Adams Boston Lager.  Because you can’t go to Boston without getting a Boston Lager. Later, John,  Greg and Elody pull us to their table to join them  and we talk for hours about how everything started, the ride that night and other random things like how Elody was from France and it was her birthday.  Around 1am we’re kicked out for closing and head to the car to rest and warm up for the night.

We crank up the heat and talk about how this would make a great story. We finally dry and rest up for the night…

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