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Day 24-Friday (Davidson, NC) 6/14/13

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Friday is the big day so we all wake up and have breakfast then head out to run errands. The first stop is the local retail clothes store. There, we pick out brand new clothes for the event. For me… a hat and a pair of new jeans were all I needed.  After shopping we go out to lunch at a local New York Italian place that sells authentic NY style pizza. The grandparents, mom and dad, and us all sit out on the patio and enjoy a late lunch as grand dad’s brothers both show up. They sit and tell us stories of the old day when they were young.  

After lunch we head to the house to get ready for the party. We split and get dressed then head over the ringleader’s house for further instruction. With little time to spare, we take our assignments, load up the car and head to the dock. We unload everything and start decorating the boat for the 50 Anniversary boat party. After about 45 minutes of decorating we see the guests start to show up. We all put on a smile and welcome everyone as they come through the door.  Guests of all ages and backgrounds pile in and finally it’s time to set sail (no sail, it’s just cool to say). The boat leaves the dock and the sun starts to set. The food is served and the drinks start to flow. The longer the boat is out, the more people start to chatter.

When the sun goes down and we’re back at the dock, we say goodbye to all of the guests and help clean. Afterwards we head to a local bike event and indulge in a the great atmosphere and free beer.  We hang out and chat for a while then head back home for the night. After a long day we all head straight to bed…


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