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CycleLights Cross Country Tour Count Down

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 It's almost time for the CycleLights team to take off for our Color the Street cross country tour.

A few of the guys are braving the trip with 2 bikes, 6 weeks and 6,000 miles to go, it is destined to be an adventure of epic proportions. Thanks to guy other home town bike company State Bicycle Company, the riders are hoked up with 2 brand new fixed gear bikes. The Abacabb (gray and black) and El Toro (red and black) both are top notch bikes from a top notch bike company. And of course they are both lined with luminous CycleLights. 

In addition to visiting the cities, the guys will be out riding, visiting local bike shops getting a feel for the city. They'll be going on rides with local groups as well giving away free CycleLights and State Bicycle Co. goodies.These guys are traveling a long way from home to visit the best bicycle cities in america so come out to one of the rides or meetup locations and hang out with a few of the guys from CycleLights.

cyclelights cross country tour map

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