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Day 1-Wednesday (San Antonio)

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 After a sleepless daunting 15 hour drive from Phoenix AZ we finally made it to San Antonio Texas. Relieved that temperature was a breezy 78 degrees with a slight humidity. After catching some free Wi-Fi from a local Starbucks, we take off to visit our first shop across the street. Jason from Ride Away Bicycles figured out what we were up to from the moment we stepped through the doors. He pulled us back to  a dark room to see the lights and was instantly impressed. We got tons of great information about what other local shops to visit. After that, we took off the the next locations. Driving through San Antonio was a little tough, the short on ramps, the criss-crossing merging lanes and the numerous Loops and side streets made it a little tough to navigate. 

But we pushed on and made it through our first day in San Antonio visiting a few more shops Alamo, Bike World, and Blue Starr just to name a few. We didn't stop there and took off to the next city. AUSTIN....

Arriving in Austin was a short drive, but on arrival we found more navigation trouble. It was about 9 pm and we decided to head up at the Thursday Social Ride, meetup location at Festival Park. We arrived at the park and rode our bikes up to a famous bar on 6th street known for being on the TV show Bar Rescue. The Brixton had a nice remodeled exterior and bar compliments of the show. We talked with the infamous owner and he told us behind the scenes secretes that no one else knew. After an hour of chatting and a few Texas made beers we headed to downtown Austin. Still on 6th street we noticed as we entered the city, that the bars and peope were growing ivelier by the block. On a wendesday at 11pm bars jammed together had lines around the corner. Pedi-cabbers were rampant looking for people to pick up. 

As we rode further we came across the capital building. A colossal giant of a building dwarfed the surroundings. Of course, everything is bigger in Texas. Right across the street from the capital building was The University of Texas at Austin. We rode over and too a few videos of the the scenery. By the time we knew it, the time was 3am and we had an early morning so we decided to ride back to the car.  day was

All in all, the first day was eventful.... tiring... and exciting.... 

Thanks San Antonio for all the Love... 

1 down, 42 to go...

~Lavell D~
















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