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Day 5-Sunday (New Orleans... Continued)

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We wake up drenched in sweat from sleeping in the car that’s gotten to about 85 degrees. As we stretch we get a call from our friend Joseph letting us know we’re welcome to come wash up and come in for breakfast.  So we take a few of our things in and get settled. After a while, we eat breakfast, look up a few shops to visit, do a little laundry and head out. We leave a little later than we want so we rush out before the 4 shops close. As we drive we realize we don’t have any more brochures, so we detour to print brochures, after leaving Fedex, we arrive at our first shop 1 minute before they close and talk with the purchasing manager. He tells us he loves the product but would really like it if we had a distributor. He tells us that one of the largest distributors is actually in Miami, a city we’re going to so we add that stop to our list of things to do while we’re in Miami.

As we head to our next stop a the way across town, we realize that we aren’t going to make it before they close so we decide to bypass the horrible downtown New Orleans traffic and ride our bikes to a Greek Festival on the north part of town.  So we park the car and load up on the bikes and take off through down town New Orleans. About an hour later as we arrive at the festival we put on our togas to get in free. We call our friend Joseph to see if he was still there and because he wasn’t we decided to stick around for a while, watch a few of the performances and leave. On the way back we stop by a few bushes to take pictures. On the way back we see John, a guy we met at the Nola ride. He tells us about a place down the street with free food so we follow him and his friends to check it out. We arrive and there’s a line of people lined up to get free food.

While waiting in line we also see our friend Matt also from the Nola ride. We all go in and eat and Matt offers us a room to stay in for the night and to help us find crawfish. So after the dinner we all walk down the street to find crawfish. Since the store was out, we decide to pick up our car and on the way back find another place that might have some. So we ride back through downtown New Orleans, arrive at the car and ride back towards Matt’s place. As we drive back we find a grocery store called Rouse’s  and find the cooler of crawfish in the back. We grab a few and check out, mean while chatting with the cashier named Kenisha, who apparently never had a dream job growing up.

We head back to Matt’s and he shows us his awesome place he has for us with 2 beds and a bathroom. We go inside and Michelle shows us how to re-heat  the crawfish. We go on the front porch and she demonstrates how to eat one, twist the body, suck the head and peel the tail. After getting good at it e sit back, on the rocking chairs on the porch, talk about the city and finish off the batch of crawfish.

We head back to our room handle a little business and end up making our very first video blog (Vlog) of the trip, recounting everything that happened that day.  After a little snack, we hit the sheets and retired for the night.

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