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Day 11-Saturday (Miami-Daytona Beach)

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We woke up from a great nights rest and gathered our things and talked with Matt for a while. He had been up since 8 am and we had woken up a few times but didn’t finally get up until around 11. We walk our bikes out of the apartment and say goodbye to Matt.

We head to the first of our few bike shops we have planned to visit. And afterwards stop by the sunny sandy Miami Beach. After the beach we head to take pictures and enjoy the view. After about an hour, we head to our next destination. On the way, it starts to rain. We arrive and pull in the back under cover and meet the crew. Since it’s raining and our next shop would be closed by the time we get there, we decide to hang out with the guys at the shop until they close.

In the mean time, they pull out a few bikes and show us how to do wheelies. Another guy from a local shop shows up and convinces me to switch my bike to the fixed side to really get the feeling of how a fixie should be ridden.  After more hanging out and talking with the guys for a few hours they close up shop and we head up the road to see the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacer basketball game.

After some tater tots and a Miami Heat loss, we continue to head up the road.

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