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Day 12-Sunday (Daytona Beach-Atlanta)

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It’s another warm afternoon in Daytona beach, the proof being the sweat rolling down our brows as we roll out of our seats in the car. We roll down the windows and let the sun hit our eyes for a few minutes. After stretching out, we drive over to the Walmart across the street and buy some food as well as clean out the car. After about 45 minutes we see the clouds start to roll in and a decide to hit the road towards Atlanta.

Can't forget about the gator we saw outside of the gas station...

As we ride down the highway we see clouds looming in the distance and eventually they engulf the car. The rain starts to pour as visibility decreases.  Cars start to slow and eventually pull off the road. We continue to push through and 2 minutes later, make it out the other end.  One after another we continue to drive though storm after storm. Finally, on the last road to our destination, we come across the biggest of the 5 storms we drove through. The Doppler weather trackers shows that it’s 15 miles long and dreadful the entire way through.

So we take the storm head on and drive though and he first 2 minutes of the drive aren’t tough but eventually visibly lowers to 20 feet and speeds slow to 10 miles per hour.  The wheels start to shutter as steering becomes difficult. I roll down the window and see 2 inches of water across the entire road.  I slow the car to 10 miles per hour and hope the rain resides. 30 minutes later the rain starts to slow and the road become more visible.  Eventually, the roads clear we make it to our destination. 
Our gracious house host invites us in and prepares a great dinner of fish, macaroni and cheese, and a asian vegetable salad and frog legs. We all talk and about our adventure, finish a little work before the end of the night and head to bed…



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