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Day 14-Tuesday (Atlanta, GA)

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We made it our mission to wake up early enough to visit the rest of the shops, so we woke up around 9 and were headed to our first shop by 10:30. Since we had already covered all of the shops outside of town, we headed downtown and drove the great Atlanta neighborhoods to our first stop. While loading up at our first stop, we hear people sitting outside of a café talking about our lights so we introduce ourselves and for the next 30 minutes have a great conversation with Rice, Anya and Paul. We leave them to their lunch and continue to visit more shops. We drive around and finally make it to the last shop and have a great response. At the house we refuel on leftovers from the night before then decide to stay for another night so we cook steaks and grilled corn along with some assistance. Following dinner we go on a bike ride with our host around her neighborhood. While riding we have a family sitting outside on their porch stop us and ask about our lights. While talking they offer us a very unique but taste Polish drink. We talk and talk and talk more about they lights and the business. Eventually we joke about trading lights for a bicycle tag-along carriage but they agree and we take the bicycle tag-along carriage with us in exchange for some CycleLights. After heading back we rest one last time on the big comfy couches and wake up the next day, prepare a quick breakfast and head out the door the next city…

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