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Day 13-Monday (Atlanta, GA)

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The recliners we slept on were sooooo comfortable that we ended up over sleeping and sleeping in until noon. After getting up we made breakfast and headed out around 2pm to visit bicycle shops. Atlanta has a lot of bicycle shops that are very spread out and we decided to go to the ones that were closest first. At the first shop we visited, we ran into a guy called “Peacock” and he’s got the flashiest bike in town and loved our lights. We told him we were on a cross country road trip and he asked for advice. Apparently, he’s going on a cross country trip himself to the west coast. He’s never been farther west than Dallas so he’s going to visit the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and a few of the California colleges that have in depth knowledge in the field of multicultural education. We chatted for a while and said our goodbyes, then headed to the next few shops. We drove to the next few shops and ended up running out of time before we could actually make it to the city so we turn around and headed back to the house. That night was another awesome dinner of sea food pasta with garlic bread and salad. We stuffed our faces and talked about our day then watch the final NBA Western conference final game between the Heat and Pacers. After the disappointing blow out game we do a little more work on the computer then rest for the night…


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